– Our Mission –
To help you be the obvious choice in your market

Here’s our story and why we’re sticking to it …

– Our Mission –
To help you be the obvious choice in your market

Here’s our story and why we’re sticking to it …

At each stage of the marketing and selling process you have only a few seconds to capture a person’s attention. You’re constantly fighting for attention in everything you do – email, presentations, videos, social media, at networking events and on and on.

It turns out that the average human attention span is one second shorter than a goldfish!
Seconds. That’s all it takes for a prospective buyer to decide to tune you out and move on.

My Journey to High-Impact Marketing and Selling

Hi, I’m Ron Stein. Early in my sales career, I noticed something curious: customers were really good at blocking out marketing and selling tactics.

But, it didn’t hit me as to why this was happening until a particularly painful day.

I was presenting to the leader of a very large organization, along with his staff. After introducing myself and my company, I quickly jumped into my pitch.

The decision-maker stopped me abruptly and said, “What do your know about me, our problems, or how I go about making buying decisions?”

Then he blurted out, “I really don’t care about your company or its products, and I don’t think you care about me or the fifteen thousand people who work here.”

Ugh. What a shocker! Of course I cared. Yet he was right. It became crystal clear that I had a self-serving, product-centered approach.

I learned a hard lesson that day. It was practical on-the-job training that shaped my attitudes about selling, marketing, and business development forever.

First, it’s not enough to learn about the type of customers we sell to. We need to go deeper and understand what issues they struggle with, how they think, why they buy, and how they buy.

I also discovered that “selling” strains the connection with prospects and many times fails to build rapport. Only when people feel they are getting useful information and value, solid relationships are built, which leads to revenue.

Most important of all, creating attention-grabbing messages that stand out in a crowded marketplace is crucial.

My approach to selling and and marketing has evolved over the years into a five-step framework, along with strategies and techniques, that win business.

Let’s face it; your business will not make money if you’re ignored.

About More Customers Academy

More Customers Academy helps companies solve the biggest problem every business has – how to rise above the competitive noise and grow revenue.

Ron Stein, founder of More Customers Academy and president of FastPath Marketing, pulls back the curtain to show you exactly how he created targeted messaging, content, and selling strategies that delivered over $300 million in revenue in his career and raised $10 million in venture backing for a wireless technology company.

Ron writes a popular column on selling and marketing in the award-winning Florida Trend Business Magazine and is one of the most well read features with over 45,000 subscribers. He is also a mentor at two nationally recognized business incubators for entrepreneurs.

In addition, Ron has been a featured speaker at conferences in North America, Europe, and Asia as well as a guest instructor at The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Florida.

Ron doesn’t mess around when it comes to marketing and selling. He is widely recognized for his leadership and expertise in helping businesses deliver high-impact strategies and tactics for turbo-charging revenue growth.